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  • Improving the numeracy and literacy skills of your child can help them overcome obstacles in their path towards a brilliant future academic career. By polishing their skills in Math and English, primary students can be provided with a means to perform to their potential and prevent them from avoiding the subjects, which are their problem areas.

    We at A One Academy ensure all the assistance and instructed guidance your child needs to address their problem areas, and thus transform their weakness into their greatest strength.

    We offer quality tuition support at affordable prices so that you can get the best help for your child and make them to master the basic skills for a promising academic record at primary school level.
  • Our tutors give attention to each child and focus on helping them sort out their problem areas. Advanced students are provided with expert guidance and support to master the necessary skills, thus ensuring their academic success.

    We offer tuition support in small groups, three to six maximum. A small group helps our experienced tutors to give special attention to the needs of each student, thus helping each child reach their aspired academic goals.

    In small groups, most children quickly become at ease with each other and the pressure is off the individual child to interact exclusively with the tutor. The introverted student is most likely to speak out, offer opinions and ask questions in a small group than in a large classroom or in one-on-one tutoring.
  • A-One Academy tutors have a genuine passion and commitment to teaching and to working with young people. We customizethe programs to suit your child’s Math and English needs, and then focus on the key skills and concepts for success, no matter what level your child is currently performing at.

    We are equally at home working with children who need to work on building core skills and confidence in Mathand English as we are with those who have a solid foundation and simply need some extra practice. Whether your child needs to do some serious catching up or a little polishing, or anything in between, A-One Academy tutors can tailor a program that will get the job done.

    Our customized programs meet the needs of each student, thus ensuring effective support for better skill development.
  • We all know that skills in Mathand English are essential in a number of subject areas, and are necessary for a number of career paths. Building a solid foundation of Math and English skills will get your child through the Year 3, 5, and 7 NAPLAN tests, the Year-6 Gifted and Talented Exam (GATE) and scholarship tests with the best possible scores.

    For NAPLAN tests, our tutors will polish the innate skills and talent of your child, helping them to realize their full potential. We offer guidance, tips, instructions and support to help your child pass the assessment with flying colours. A-One Academy also offers enrichment and tutoring for gifted and talented students appearing for GATE and private school scholarship tests. Our tutors will work with your gifted and talented child and design an advanced program of engaging study to help turn that tremendous potential into performance!

    Through the instructed guidance of our tutors, your child will improve their Math and English skills and carve their bright academic career.
  • English-Tution-Perth

    Is literature troubling your child? Don’t panic, the English Tutors are here!

    Learning a completely different language can be a nightmare for many students. Come to think of it, who has appreciated writing lengthy essays in a foreign language? No one!

    However, we all know that English is a universal language, and like it or not, it is compulsory for one to be fluent in it. And if your concepts are clear, it is likely that you will be enjoying the rest of the course. However, in order to achieve that, you need to have a clear understanding of the basics of the English Language.

    Not every child is the same, nor does every child process information the same way. You may be concerned with the grades of your child, and might think that he does not have a flair for English. However, chances are that he is not getting an adequate amount of attention in class, which is directly affecting his grades. Come to think of it, a class has an average of around 15 students and one teacher. Do you really think that one teacher can focus on all the 15 students?

    Moreover, it is a fact that each student has different mental capabilities. Not every student will absorb the information the same way. And usually when that happens, students tend to neglect their doubts regarding the subject in order to avoid sounding like a fool in front of the class. This in turn, negatively affects the self-confidence of that child.

    Hence, it is extremely crucial to attend to the educational needs of your child. In such cases, English tutoring is the one and only hope! You may be wondering that your child lacks certain intellectual abilities, which is why they have to resort to tutoring, but let me tell you, this is not the case! The real reason behind it is the difference in learning. The English Tutors at Perth will find out what your child requires, and then teach him accordingly. This will ensure that your children will have a clear understanding of the concepts of the English language.

    Let’s talk about the benefits of English tutoring. Firstly, your child will be away from distractions, creating an ideal environment for learning and that will help him focus better. Secondly, the English tutors in Perth have created customized learning programs, and each child will have a different program suited directly to his or her needs. Thirdly, practice sessions and exercises at regular intervals will ensure that the child has grasped fully all the concepts of the subject. Moreover, your child will also be given counseling regarding the English Language scholarship programs.

    Once your child has been allowed a full understanding of the language, it will boost their confidence to a several degrees! And who knows, they might as well become the next-generation Shakespeare!

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